As a part of the 64th edition of March festival – Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, in the Grand Hall of the Belgrade Youth Center, on 1 April at 9 p.m. domestic audience will see the premiere of the new film ba Rajko Grlić and Matjaž Ivanišanin Every Good Story is a Love Story ((Vsaka dobra zgodba je ljubezenska zgodba, Slovenia/Croatia, 2017, running time 71 minutes).

The documentary Every Good Story is a Love Story is about the theatrical play Boris, Milena, Radko and the four people well known in public who produced it: the writer/director Dušan Jovanović, actress Milena Zupančić and actors Radko Polić and Boris Cavazza. It is a story about a love triangle, but also a candid story about the public artistic and private lives of performers. As it follows a four-month long process from the first rehearsal to the opening night and at the same time the intimate lives of artists, the film tells a universal story of the relationship between the real and the imaginary, a story of the relationship between the intimate and the public aspects of art. The film had its screening at the ZagrebDox festival this year.


Rajko Grlić i Matjaž Ivanišin say the following about their work: ‘This is a film about the creation of a theater performance. It follows the production and its protagonists, and in the process, it tells a story of the relationship between reality and imagination, between fact and fiction. It examines the relationship between the intimate and the public aspect of art, our inclination to weave our personal experience, our intimacy, and our lives into the stories we tell. This film tries to determine how much of what we tell is exhibitionism, and how much of it is a sincere and sometimes painful self-confrontation.’


Short biographies of the directors:

Rajko Grlić was born in 1947 in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated in film directing at FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic 1971. As a director and a screenwriter, he made twelve feature films, screened in cinemas across all the continents, included in competition programmes of the leading world festivals, including Cannes, and they received a numerous international awards.

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Filmography (Selection):

2016:     The Constitution (Ustav Republike Hrvatske)

2010:     Just Between Us (Neka ostane među nama)

2006:     Border Post (Karaula)

2002:     Josephine

2001:     Who Wants To Be A President (Novo vrijeme) (Co-Director – Documentary)

1991:     Charuga (Čaruga)

1989:     That Summer Of White Roses

1986:     Three For Happiness (Za sreću je potrebno troje)

1984:     In The Jaws Of Life (U raljama života)

1981:     You Love Only Once (Samo jednom se ljubi)

1978:     Bravo Maestro

1974:     If It Kills Me (Kud puklo da puklo)


Matjaž Ivanišin was born in 1981 in Maribor, Slovenia. He graduated as Film and TV director from AGRFT (Academy for theatre, radio, film and television) in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2007. He directed several fiction and documentary films awarded at national and international festivals. He is currently working on his first feature film.

Filmography (Selection)

2014:    Houses (Hiške), documentary, 51’, co-directed with Darko Sinko

2013:    Karpotrotter (Karpopotnik), documentary, 48’

2011:    A House on Jurčkova Street (Hiša na Jurčkovi), short feature, 5’

2009:    Šentilj – Spielfeld: a border crossing that once was (Šentilj – Spielfeld: mejni prehod, ki ga ni več), documentary, 55’

2006:    My little sweethearts (Moje male ljubice), TV feature, 56’

2005:    Quick View, short feature, 23’