This year’s 64th edition of March festivalBelgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, will have its grand opening in the Grand hall of the Belgrade Youth Center on 30 March at 19:00 p.m. with the screenings of films by two great domestic filmmakers, Puriša Đorđević and Ljubiša Samardžić.

The audience will first see a short film, „Bunker 93“ (Serbia, 2017, running time: 8 minutes) directed by Puriša Đorđević who has to say the following about his film: ˮI took part in WW2 and I have unpleasant experiences with bunkers. I’ve made many movies since then, mostly documentary and in that genre some of my works have been called ‘film poems’. Bunker 93 is a poethic thought and like any thought it contains a montage of images that can surprise one another. While filming the movie Skerco in the area around Obrenovac and the Sava river I filmed bunker remains without a precise idea – maybe I could use it someday. Today, when I’m 93, I present them to you edited in the style of Slavko Vorkapić, the bunkers that killed, as well as killed pianos, landscapes, lonely people and horses, all together.”

The movie „Panta rei“ (Cinema Design , 2017, running time: 76 minutes) is a documentary about an era through the eyes of an actor and director Ljubiša Samardžić. From a modest childhood in postwar Yugoslavia, journey to Belgrade, studying at the Film Academy to a rich acting career, Samardžić who directed and produced this film, paints a picture of domestic cinema from the 1950s to today.

The golden age of Yugoslav cinema was marked by some of this region’s most fruitful artists, from Puriša Đorđević, Branko Bauer, Saša Petrović, Žika Mitrovć, Hajrudin Krvavac, Krsto Papić, Boštjan Hladnik, Ivan Hetrich to Ljubiša’s co-workers Milena Dravić, Bata Živojinović, Boris Dvornik, Pavle Vuisić and many others with whom Ljubiša activly worked with.  

In the showcase part of the 64th March Festival a few representative international documentaries will be screened. In the competition section, over 80 films will be screened – short and documentary films, feature documentary films, animated and experimental films. Along with the screenings of films for the competition and showcase part of the program, this year’s March Festival is also organizing many workshops, consultations and talks for filmmakers, students and the public as well as a music program (DJ’s every night and a concert of Autopark band on 1 April).